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Sending a Secured Email Message

The Erie Federal Credit Union has partnered with Zix Corp in order to establish a method of exchange secured email between the credit union and its members. This gives us a method of receiving sensitive emails and documents from members without the data residing on a non-secured 3rd party email system.

How Do I Send the Credit Union a Secured Message?

Sending a secured message can be accomplished in just a few easy steps.

  1. Follow this link to our secured email portal.
  2. Register with your email address (can be an email address from any provider). You will then create a username and password; this should NOT be the same username and password that you use for EZ Money Manager or any other email service. This username and password is strictly for accessing the Erie FCU secure message portal.
  3. Login, type your email and send your message. You can also attach documents just as you would on any other email.

Receiving Messages from the Credit Union

If you send a secured message to the credit union and a reply is sent back, you will receive one of two things in the email that you associated with your secured portal login information.

  1. If the message does not contain any sensitive data, you will receive the email in your email as you normally would any other message.
  2. Or, if the message contains sensitive information you will receive a message similar to the one below stating that there is a secure message waiting for you to pick it up.
Secure Message Sample Screen Image

If this is the case, simply follow the link in the email to the secured portal or you can log directly into the secured portal here Once logged in you will be able to see the secured email.

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