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Direct Deposit

23 Direct Deposit LP

Go Direct With Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the best way to receive your Social Security, SSI, VA Compensation, Pension and Payroll. Direct Deposit allows immediate access to funds, eliminates the risk of stolen checks and reduces your exposure to fraud.

To learn more about the benefits of Direct Deposit log on to or contact your employer to request Direct Deposit.

Click here if you need to download and print one of our Direct Deposit Forms.

How Do I Set Up Direct Deposit?

Processes for signing up can differ by employer, but at the very least you will need your 13-digit account number (provided at account opening, viewable on checks you have for your Erie FCU account) and Erie FCU’s Routing and Transit Number—sometimes just called “routing number” or “ABA number”.

The Erie FCU routing number is 243380927

Some employers provide us a copy of their forms.

Need Help?

If you need help, connect with us at any branch office or call 814-825-2436.