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Your Erie FCU Credit Cards!

May. 09, 2023
23 Erie FCU Credit Cards LP

The Erie FCU Card Manager App is available in your device’s app store. With the Erie FCU Card Manager App, you choose how to manage your new credit card - check your balance, make a payment, turn your credit card off when not in use, or view recent transactions.

How to access card information or make a payment

  • Erie FCU Card Manager App (smart phone or tablet access)
  • Erie FCU Card Manager (computer access)
  • Credit Card Call Center – 1 (866) 611-4864
  • Erie FCU – (814) 825-2436
  • MasterCard Department
  • Support Center
  • In Branch

Your Mastercard® credit card is here!

FOLLOW these steps for a smooth transition:

  • The conversion took place on May 22nd. You can now activate your new card with the phone number provided on the activation sticker on the card.
  • Once your card is activated, please notify any vendors with recurring payments such as cable, gym, medical prescriptions or home utilities and provide them your new credit card number as your new card will have a completely different set of numbers. Also, remember to update online payment systems and your mobile wallet. Do NOT destroy your current credit card yet!
  • Once you have activated your new credit card and ensured it is in working order by making a transaction, destroy your old card by cutting it up.

If you have issues activating your card, please call 1-800-631-3197

New Available Features!

Card Manager App: With the Erie FCU Card Manager app, you can choose how to manage your credit card. You can check your balance, make a payment, turn your credit card off when not in use, or view recent transactions —right at your fingertips. Find the Erie FCU Card Manager App in your device's app store.

23 Contactless symbol

Erie FCU Card Manager

Tap to Pay: Pay with a single tap using your contactless card or your mobile device’s digital wallet! More options to pay the fast, easy and secure way!

Eco-Friendly Credit Cards: With our eco-friendly credit cards, we are striving to save the planet one card at a time by using reclaimed ocean bound plastics! We are committed to making a positive environmental impact even with our credit cards!

Vertical Design: Keeping the card in step with how people use credit cards today! Allows for a smoother way to insert your card into a card machine or tapping them for a contactless payment.

Same rate with the features you have come to love:

  • Low Interest Rates
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fees
  • 25-day Grace Period on Purchases
  • Online Account Access, Transactions & e-Alerts
  • Shop with confidence, protected by
  • Mastercard® Zero Liability Policy

Your new (Consumer and/or Business) credit card will be issued with a new number.* Find your name and card number on the back, away from plain sight.

* If more than one credit card is associated with your personal account, each card will now have its own number.