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Beware of new Apple and Samsung Pay Scam!

Nov. 04, 2020

November 4, 2020

There is a new "scam alert" warning for our members concerning Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and their respective account. 

Here is what is look out for:

  • Scammer obtains member name, cellphone number, and debit card number via some sort of stolen data method.
  • Scammer initiates the setup of the debit card on Samsung or Apple Pay.
  • Scammer calls the member while spoofing the credit union’s phone number - either our (814) 825-2436 or our (800) 480-0494.  Spoofing a phone number can be done via an app on the scammer’s phone.
  • The scammer tells the member that there is fraud on their account and they need to get some information to validate it.  For example: “You have a $200 charge from XYZ Company, is this you?”
  • Scammer then will ask member to confirm some information so they can stop the fraud.  They have been asking members to divulge the expiration date and CVV code of their debit or credit card and then use this information to continue with the Apple/Samsung Pay enrollment.  Once enrollment is finished, it triggers a text message containing a validation code that is sent to the member. 
  • Scammer then will ask member to provide the code sent to them to confirm - in what they say is - to verify that they are talking to the member and not somebody else (which is a bogus reason). 
  • Once the member gives the code, the card is now setup on the scammer’s phone to allow the fraud to begin.  They may also ask to confirm social security numbers and balances.

Be aware that Erie FCU does not contact members to ask for any of this kind of information.  We would never ask you for your Apple or Samsung Pay code nor would we ask for the CVV code off the back of your debit or credit card.  If someone claiming to be calling from the credit union or any other entity and is asking for credit or debit card information, your Social Security number or any other pertinent information, do not give it to them.  Instead, hang up the phone and call the credit union to report.