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Return of Conservative Investing Seminar

Wednesday, Mar 27 | 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Market volatility. Low interest rates. Retirement risks. All of these headwinds are making it tougher than ever to know where to invest your retirement savings. In this seminar, you’ll learn how conservative investments like certificates of deposit (CDs) and annuities can help get your financial plan back on track.

Learn answers to important questions, like:

  • How can conservative investments help you face today’s economic risks?
  • What are the differences between CDs and annuities?
  • What are the different types of annuities?

Presented by: Travis Stanley, MEMBERS Insurance & Investments Regional Sales Director

Register Online

All seminars begin at 6:00 pm with registration at 5:30 pm and take place at the Bel Aire Wyndham Hotel & Conference Center located at 2800 W 8th Street, Erie, PA 16505.

Both members and non-members are welcomed!  There isn't a charge for the seminars, but reservations are appreciated. Complimentary refreshments will be provided.