Treasure Club Kid’s Account

Ahoy Moms, Dads and Grandparents!

Join the Treasure Club Crew and teach your children the value of saving for their future!

Whether it’s quarters from the tooth fairy, birthday cash, or a weekly allowance, a Treasure Club Kid’s Account is the perfect account for kids’ age 12 years old and younger. The Treasure Club is designed to promote savings and to educate kids’ age 12 years old and younger about their credit union.

To become a member of the Treasure Club crew, parents or guardians can help kids open their account with a deposit of $5.00 or more. This deposit will remain in the account for the duration of their membership.

Sail the Savings Seas with me, Captain Perry & my crew!

Your children’s savvy saving habits will earn them a bounty of treasure!

  • Your child will earn a monthly treasure (a.k.a. dividend) on their current savings balance.
  • They will also be eligible to select a Treasure Club Reward from Captain Perry’s treasure chest each time they make a deposit of $10 or more into their Treasure Club account* (regular primary savings account).
  • Treasure Club Rewards are available at any office when you present your deposit slip or statement if your deposits are made electronically. Limit one prize per week.

Fun and Games

Click here for access to educational games and activities:

  • Be sure and watch for special events during April, National Credit Union Youth Month.

Online Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Open a Treasure Club Kid’s Account for your children and teach them how to save NOW!

*Membership eligibility required.