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Introducing Erie FCU Rewards from Erie Federal Credit Union - a valuable, FREE program that rewards you for your everyday spending. Enrollment is automatic, and now, every purchase made with your Erie FCU Debit MasterCard® adds up to rewards points that can be redeemed for exciting gifts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Simply use your Erie FCU Debit MasterCard® for everyday purchases
  • Create your Erie FCU Rewards account online
    • You'll receive your rewards certificate in the mail at the address you have on file at the credit union
    • Once you receive your rewards certificate, you'll register and enter your certificate number online
  • With 100 points you can claim a reward or let points accrue for higher-value items

Use your Erie FCU Debit MasterCard® instead of a check, cash or credit card to pay for your everyday purchases. Whether shopping, dining out, or filling your car with gas, use your Erie FCU Debit MasterCard®.

*One point is awarded for every $100 spent with a PIN or a signature transaction!**

Your Erie FCU Debit MasterCard® is the simple way to pay – plus, you earn FREE rewards!

*Rewards in program valued from 100 to 100,000 points. Rewards subject to change without notice and program may be terminated at any time. Points valid for 2 years from date of issuance. Points awarded per checking account. *For ongoing card purchases - one point is awarded for every $100 spent with a signature or a PIN transaction. Points awarded in relation to dollars spent subject to change without notice. **For ongoing card purchases only. ***Reward Points vary by retailer. See website for specific program terms. ©2014 Velocity Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.