MasterCard Credit Card Contact Alert

Apr 27, 2012 | Posted in Fraud Alerts

Within the last week, we've been notified by some of our members that they have been receiving strange phone calls about their Erie Federal Credit Union MasterCard. The phone call begins automated stating that the call is coming from Erie Federal Credit Union, and that their MasterCard interest rate could be instantly lowered over the phone.

Members have stated that they spoke to credit union "customer representatives" with heavy accents. The "reps" told credit union members that they could not do anything without getting their MasterCard account number, expiration date, etc. Fortunately our members did the right thing and did not give any information out.

It is very important that you NEVER give your account numbers over the phone when you are not sure who you are speaking with.

In the event you receive suspicious phone calls regarding your credit union accounts, please contact the credit union immediately at (814) 825-2436.