IRS Scam Making Rounds

Sep 10, 2009 | Posted in Fraud Alerts

A malicious file is hitting mailboxes across the country at a rate of 90,000 messages per hour.

The e-mail looks as if it comes from, and warns users that they need to review a tax statement on the IRS Web site. The overall theme is that the user was caught hiding income from the IRS and they have a chance to fix it. The catch is that they will first need to download and install a file that infects computers with a virus or shuts them down completely.

If you have received a “notice of unreported income e-mail” from the IRS, delete it and do nothing else. If you do get a notice of unreported income e-mail or any e-mail from the IRS that asks for a response in the future, do not respond. The IRS does not use e-mail to get information to taxpayers.