Vishing Telephone Scam

Sep 02, 2009 | Posted in Fraud Alerts

A Pennsylvania Credit Union was flooded with phone calls on Tuesday morning from members and non-members stating that they received an automated telephone call about fraudulent activity on their card.

The automated call states, “This is the XXXXX Credit Union calling in regards to your credit union card being used fraudulently. For more information, press 1.” At that point, the call tries to gather card information.

The credit union has also received the vishing calls on their own phone lines.

Many people who received these calls have provided the phone number that appeared on their Caller ID. The numbers appear to originate from all over the United States and Canada. According to Verizon, the numbers are being spoofed. They are real business numbers that look like the originator of the call.

Any credit unions receiving reports of this scam are asked to contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 877-382-4357 to report the incident. Members who receive the calls should also call the FTC to file a report.