Fraudulent Checks With Credit Union Name Circulating

Jul 27, 2009 | Posted in Fraud Alerts

Fraudulent checks bearing the MEADVILLE AREA Federal Credit Union name and a distorted logo are being mailed to various individuals across the United States. The check is made payable to the individual in the amount of $2,950.00 with a date of July 9, 2009. The item is printed on burgundy check stock and appears very plausible. However, there are some differences. The word MidAtlantic is mis-spelled and other items are placed in the wrong locations on the face of the check.

These checks are accompanied by a letter from Greenwater Mystery Shopping and the recipient is asked to complete certain tasks within 48 hours. A request to call its office is first. Then, the recipient is asked to go to a local Sears or Wal-Mart and send a money gram to someone in Canada.

MEADVILLE AREA FCU is attempting to gather as much evidence as possible to assist the U.S. Postal Investigators in their pursuit of these criminals. Please contact the credit union if you see or receive one of these items: 814-336-2794.