Scams Sent Via Text Message & Cell Phone

Sep 09, 2008 | Posted in Fraud Alerts

Credit unions are reporting that members are receiving text messages and cell phone calls requesting that the “credit union customer” call a number to have access to their “bank account” restored.

One Pennsylvania credit union reports that their members have been getting text and cell phone messages requesting that the member call a number to reactivate their credit union account. The message does not refer to the credit union by name, just that there is a problem with their account. The credit union reported the incidents to the PA Department of Banking and to the regional director of NCUA. NCUA indicated that the FBI is currently working on this scam.

Another credit union had a member report a text message stating that “we had to lock your bank account access, call 406-630-4023 to restore your bank account.” The name of the credit union was not included in the message.

In previous cases reported across the country, the phone number recipients are directed to call is in Canada. Once the call goes through, the individual is asked to provide personal financial information, PIN numbers, and account numbers.

Credit unions want members to know that they would never contact them by phone, text message, or e-mail for personal account information.