EZ Alerts™ Terms and Conditions

Erie Federal Credit Union's EZ Alerts™ e-mail and text alerts enable you to receive certain information regarding eligible accounts you have selected for the service. By using this service, you acknowledge that you are aware of and agree to the following terms and conditions.

You may receive alerts through a text or web-enabled mobile device, an e-mail account that is accessed via a personal computer, or both. EZ Alerts™ may be sent to mobile phones that accept messaging provided you enter a valid delivery address that may be specific to your mobile carrier. Your mobile provider may charge you for receiving messages to your phone. The email addresses you specify may be changed at any time. If you change email services or mobile providers, or if your email address changes for any reason it is your responsibility to change your alert delivery preferences by modifying your EZ Alerts™ Notification Preferences from within EZ Money Manager or by contacting the credit union's support center. Multiple alerts may be added and all or some of your alerts may be modified or canceled by modifying your EZ Alerts™ Alert Setup preferences from within EZ Money Manager™ or by contacting the credit union's support center. If you are unable or unsure of how to modify your EZ Alerts™, you may contact the credit union's support center by calling (814) 825-2436 or (800) 480-0494 for assistance.

It is your responsibility to determine if your service provider supports text messaging and your telephone or other mobile device is capable of receiving text messages. The alerts are also subject to the terms and conditions of your agreement(s) with your cellular phone carrier, internet and/or other service provider. You are responsible for any fees imposed by your service providers.

You understand and agree that any alerts provided to you through EZ Alerts™ may be delayed or prevented by a variety of factors. Erie Federal Credit Union does its best to provide alerts in a timely manner with accurate information. However, we cannot guarantee the delivery nor the accuracy of the content of any alert. You also agree that Erie Federal Credit Union shall not be liable for any delays, failure to deliver, or misdirected delivery of any alert; for any errors in the content of an alert; for any actions taken or not taken by you or any third party in relation to a received alert; or factors outside the reasonable control of Erie Federal Credit Union.

Alerts are not designed to replace any other notices we send to you. You agree to continue to review all correspondence from us regarding your accounts and services with us. If we do not send or you do not otherwise receive an alert we send, or such is delayed or misdirected for any reason, such does not affect your liability, rights or responsibilities with respect to your accounts and services and you agree that we will not be liable for our failure to send alerts as described herein.

We reserve the right to terminate this service at anytime without notice, except as may be required by law. Nothing herein shall amend, supersede or nullify any other agreement you may have with us.