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Did You Know?®

Did You Know – three simple words that can have a powerful impact to your life. You have more than a dozen choices when choosing YOUR financial institution, so why not make a well informed decision.

Erie Federal Credit Union believes the best decisions are based on information and understanding. This is why we are asking you, Did You Know about our higher interest rates on checking and savings accounts and lower interest rates on loans and mortgages? Or Did You Know that we have 7 convenient locations, and are open 24/7 with our home and mobile banking products?

We take pride in keeping everything local and giving back to our community. By offering financial literacy programs and educational seminars for all life stages, we'll give you the information you need and empower you to make better financial decisions.

Did You Know we employ more than 100 local residents to supply you with first class member service and a high level of trust and security when choosing a financial institution?

So Did You Know? Did You Know we’d be honored to sit down with you to discuss your financial needs and see if the Erie Federal Credit Union is a good fit for you! Check out our website or visit one of our 7 convenient locations to learn more!