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"I've been a member of the Erie FCU since around 1997. To grab a line from Suze Orman, they are truly about people first and money second. Just walk into any branch and you'll see happy people working that are happy you are there. No matter if you go to the Hammermill location, the Main Office on E. 38th, 5th & State, Bayfront, Zuck Road, you'll get a friendly face.

Behind that friendly demeanor is a true group of pros, though. Not only do you feel welcome, you have a group of people that know their financial instruments. From car loans to personal loans to home loans, they are informative without ever being pushy.

Oh..and they're also FAST too. I was truly surprised as to how quick I was able to get my loan processed."

- Jeff B.


"Just wanted to let you know how useful the virtual branch is to me. It really gives me peace of mind that I can check my accounts on a daily basis from any computer I am at. With so many of our purchases made with our debit card, it would be difficult to keep up with our balances. The virtual branch makes it easy! Thank you for offering the service!"

- S. Alcorn


"After switching between a few local banks, I've finally found a charter that really shows care for my finances. I've been a member of Erie's Best Credit Union for well over 2 years now... I cannot express enough how well I've been treated by the Erie FCU and especially T. Habursky for assisting me with my finances. I couldn't be more honored to be a member of an institute that stands behind their mission! Thanks Erie Federal Credit Union and T. Habursky for being true!"

- J. Grove


"Tom H. is always there for us. No matter how complicated the transaction and how many times I rethink my money allocations, Tom is patient. His sense of humor is MUCH appreciated. Thanks, Tom."

- M. Stalsky


"I have been with the Erie Federal Credit Union for a few years now and have been very happy with the fast and friendly service that I have always received there. I look forward to continue using them in the future and looking into some of the other services they have to offer."

- M. Steger


"Living overseas, I do not have the privilege of stopping in to do any transactions. If I have questions, I must use emails from the virtual branch. I always feel bad, thinking my questions are pretty stupid to be asking on the web. I always get prompt replies with full explanations. The young ladies make me feel very important. Once when I had to make a phone call inquiry Pam introduced herself to me over the phone. It seems she is always the one responding. It is nice to be able to put a pleasant voice to the responses. Thanks for the good service."

- B. Arnold