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CAPlus® College Assistance Plus

CAPlus® can help college students obtain the best education for the least amount of money. They can navigate the difficult process of choosing a school and finding the best way to pay for it, including grants and scholarships. CAPlus® offers free no-obligation consultations so you can make smart decisions.

Choosing the right college can be a frightening and stressful process - without adding the additional worry of trying to figure out how to pay for it! It may be simple to figure out what your student is looking for in a college, but when you start crunching the numbers and looking at a jumble of financial aid forms and the tremendous cost of college, your head starts swirling in confusion and panic. But don't panic. College Assistance Plus can help.

  • Save money by finding the most cost-effective college that will meet your child's academic and future career needs
  • Access to a large database of colleges to find schools that best fit your student's needs and offer a great price and value
  • Comparing colleges by analyzing data from financial aid packages that colleges have awards to students in the past
  • Positioning students to receive the most grants and scholarships
  • Assist with completing your child's FAFSA forms and more!

CAPlus will help get you the best deal on a college education.

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