Our Community

People Helping People-The Credit Union Philosophy

Your credit union stays active in the community by participating in and donating to many worthy causes. Erie FCU provides funding and their personal time in an effort to meet the requests we receive. Your credit union believes that it is not enough just to provide products and services for the financial well being of our Select Employer Groups and our membership. The goal is to demonstrate a genuine concern for our community so that we may prosper not only as a credit union but as individuals as well.

Donation requests must be submitted sixty (60) days prior to scheduled event date and meet the guidelines and requirements set forth by the Erie Federal Credit Union. All donation requests are evaluated and processed by the Erie FCU Charity Committee. There is no guarantee that your request will be honored.

Requests will be accepted for:

  • Local 501© 3 organizations
  • Local community events
  • Local schools and churches for educational events or annual fundraisers

Requests will not be accepted for:

  • Local school groups or sports teams
  • Individual sponsorships and/or fundraisers for individuals
  • Third party fundraisers for 501© 3 organizations

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To submit a request click here: Donation request form